Young Homeys

by SelinaShardaye

Here stands a young man trying to see where he fits in
Among his peers. Among his friends.
Watching his peers wear their pants hanging below the but line.

Rebelling, acting unseemly doing what ever is disrespectful or a crime.
Desiring to treat young girls like sluts, tricks and hoes be drunk on wine.
Teenagers giving up all hope of being good, no hope for a life time.

For a future of living a good life. Free from corruption or strife.
Living the gang lead dread out to live a slave life.

The way our young people commit self destruction.
Self hate, self suicidal dysfunction.

They sling their own guns.
Killing our own mothers daughters and sons.

Black mothers and mothers of culture sons from the South side.
Hated, slaughtered and killed Black and cultured mothers sons from the Eastside.
Red, brown mothers sons from the West side.
Hated slaughtered and killed White pale mothers sons from the North side.

Now imagine our young people uniting from all sides all colors all ranks.
To war against ugly racism gangster clothes and mentality free from pranks.

Gun down division gangsters tradition and violence against women.
Violence against innocent victims and little children.

Fight for your futures stand up against getting stoned and high.
Be against alcohol, beer to make it clear have a righteous cry.

Young homeys young men be sober healthy filled with knowledge.
Young homeys be smart get yours go on off to college.

No destroying your bodies stop starving your souls of all that good.
Mentally and spiritually just because your from the hood.

Stay out of the jails and prison cells.
Itís much worse than you can imagine people kept in mental hells.

Homeyís locked behind bars wonít tell you of the true nature of which they fell.

Because other criminals looking over their heads just to read their mail.
So no one ever really tells of the crimes that go on in jails.

Live your life differently, glorify God believe in Him know of his glory.
Let God bless you with a good life live long to share your story.

There is a better life than the hard criminal thug life. 
Better than that gangster life.
A life from that down low strife.

Donít end up being some criminals wife get a righteous future.
That way no one can accuse you ever refuse you, prosperity you can capture.

Black People, People of culture thought I told you.
Only thing stopping you is you. Show the world youíre the best in what ever you do.

Young Homeys by SelinaShardaye

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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