Words and I Like To Play

by SelinaShardaye

Words and I love To Play
With me words just have their way. 
Iím so open to them I flow so freely.
They flow from me to you like word therapy.
Words flow from my heart, from my chest.
I allow my emotions to do the rest.
Oh yeah my words may catch you off  guard and slap that ass.
If you canít handle them then you can just pass.
My words will stroke and caress you with emotions that will last.
Now donít just stand there looking funny.
While your brain searches for what to say honey.
Let my words entertain you it wonít cost you any money.
My words will bring out whatís hidden just beneath the surface.
Take you off to a  imaginable place like catching you some fish.
My words will make you reminisce.
Words that like to tell you stories too.
That hopefully wonít bore you.
Word that like to say how they appreciate.
Words that want to make others fell so grate.
Words that like to be counted in a line.
At the end tell you, how your so fine.
These classy, crazy, cuddly, cute, curious, cautious, catchy words of mine.
Like to laugh, love, learn, license, let, liberate, last, 
lighten, listen and prove luscious every time.
See what I mean, 
Words showing out just sparkling.
They need to stop all this rhyming.
And show another kind of flow like sentencing.
April always ask Angela about appearing apologetic.
  David doesnít do dishes,  Sarahís so sensual sheís skeptic.
Words have their way with meÖ.
Like groping Gíg watch and see..
Grandpa Gangster, Grandma Grouch.
Sister Soulful, Sister Slouch.
míI  gninnur tuo fo emit.
stI  emit ot end siht emyhr. 
The sentence above is written backward
I  know you got it arenít you superb.

Words and I Like To Play by SelinaShardaye

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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