What Can Love Do For Me?

by SelinaShardaye

Now letís see, You and Me.
Is this our destiny?
Iím best at running.
Blocking and or denying.

Why have I let my guards down with you.
Is it that you arouse me that you are true?
Inwardly I have been secretly,
Wanting to taste,
Of loves embrace.
Give my love and not be just chased.
I love your Spirit.
Canít wait to be near it, just to hear it.
Will I allow myself to feel it.
Do my best not to fear it.
My crushes can fade almost instantly.
Donít want to disappoint you see.
You have talked your way felt your way.
Up in this so will you really stay?
Iím going to take this chance.
Go out on the limb for this dance.
My quality of life I hope this will enhance.
Come I now surrender to this romance.

Here we are soaring, flying, dipping and diving.
Climbing ,roping, and riding. 
I hope you donít leave me with my heart dying.
Itís now been over a year.
And your still standing here.
Asking me to gladly be wed.
Why baby yes is what I quickly said.

After many, many years now.
A family with some kids still happy somehow.
A nice home and financial blessings.
A fairytales ending, with lots of love still flowing.
Of love I almost talked myself out.
I had many reasons to doubt.
But gladly I found out, what our sweet love could bring about.
Beautiful children, a history of you and me.
This is what love has done for me.

What Can Love Do For Me? by SelinaShardaye

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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