Tempting Chocolate Flavors

by SelinaShardaye

Humm Vanilla, Strawberry, Cherry flavors sitting on the shelves, 
Who can help themselves.
Chocolate flavors comes in a variety of wonders.
Deep richness of sweet chocolate thunders.
Lemon lime is all very fine.
But nothing can deter this chocolate craving of mine.
See I love to just play in chocolate water falls.
See it saturate me ease down my walls.
Taste of it smooth shiny richness.
Certain parts of me how it does caress.
Dip my strawberries in it, oohh the pleasure in how it looks.
Oh Mr. Chocolate youíve sunk in me all the right hooks.
Such a brown variety like caramel,
Creamy sensations please donít tell.
Brown Sugar Baby tongue teaser,
The ultimate type of pleaser.
Dark Rich Mr. Hershey what you do to me.
You keep me coming back for more canít you see.
Peanut Buttery oh  enough to make me stutter.
Good enough for me good enough for any other.
From Hot Coco, to coffeeís Latteís itís enough to full fill all my wildest ways.
Oh Mr. Chocolate of all kind of flavors I hope to enjoy you all the rest of my days.
Bought all the way from Africa
The world couldnít get enough of Yah.
Show off those soulful colors we know your tough.
Go on tempting flavors work that stuff.

Tempting Chocolate Flavors by SelinaShardaye

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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