Hot Sexual Thing!

by SelinaShardaye

 This Sexual Thing

Baby I want you so badly that I'm shaking, 
I feel my body heat and I'm trembling. 
This sensation between my legs is so strong it feels like pain.

Fueling up like flames, surfacing heat it fuels and starts all over again.

Emotions got me oh so daisy, like being drunk on glasses of wine.

It's not wine it's from these forceful feelings of mine.

My sweet King come enter into your kingdom, 
the gates have been garnished and stand wide open.

Awaiting your much needed entry, body all excited with glee, 
anticipating you and what's going to happen.

Flow river flow, run emotions run, inhaling, exhalation 
with each breath there's more inspiration.

Conscience enter it's mindful state to dream,  
senses are grasping, sighing, grasping, 
voices whispering I really need some.

We finally come together exploring simultaneously.

To every touch I'm sensitive, for these very moments boy we live, 
touching bodies so gently.

Silent moments, actions speaking louder, stimulating, inhaling my groom, 
making transitions so we won't cum too soon.

Breathless, winded, scenting, grasping freely commotions, spinning dark lit room.
Continuous rocking, stroking, creamy sensation hot candy treats do bloom.

Releasing, holding, sweatin, never desiring an ending to pleasing, 
appealing nothings better than sexual feasts.

When being served such erotic arousing treats.

Daddy's entered his kingdom. The King is at home, and it's shaking with satisfaction.

The parties at its peak, a height aglow, illustrious, promising, 
it's coming, ooh it's coming here's my proposition.

Allow me thy Queen to get in a more favorable position. 
Before you advance to serve thy final act no more time for confessions.

Tie up all lose ends, meetings about to be adjourned I fully lay receptive.

We are paralleled I know this time oh so well, 
locked all up fulfill this cup ooh ooh bath my walls 
with your plosive flow of this moment we give.

My King I'm so flooded with thy juices and mine diluted, 
sprayed bodies sweatin emotions aglow. 

Passion follow curtain call stamped with our signature for show.

Baby now allow me to lay my head on thy chest, to rest. 
This meeting is now adjourned. 
Baby, baby toot your horn this meeting is now adjourned.

Hot Sexual Thing! by SelinaShardaye

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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