Rich Chocolate

by SelinaShardaye

That Dark Sweet Roasted Coffee Brown Kind.
So bowed legged, so cute so dang fine.
Voice husky and mellow let it just flow it puts you in the mood.
I just want to see you walk in front of me.
Hey Mr. Rich Chocolate what you do to me you canít see.
Iím not trying to claim you.
I just want to admire you.
Can you follow me, You cause to flow the Egyptian River Nile.
Making a womanís lips and heart smile.
Make a sistah stare for a while.

Even if you belong to some other. 
I just hope she cherishes what sheís got in you Brother.
I canít help but admire you.
Just giving my props to you.
Itís a blessing just to see,
Such Rich Dark Handsome Chocolate oowee.

Thereís not enough of it.
So for sure we woman admires it.
Those Kingly features.
To be admired among Gods creatures.

The sweet statue of this man the bow legs the way he stands.
Dang Brother allow us women to just clap our hands.
Iím sure you have lots of fans.
Some of us appreciate just looking.
Yet some may even daydream of you and them just cooking.
Delightfully imaging.
With images clearly flashing.
Rich Chocolate in mind and body.
Your such a fantastic cravers hotty.
Youíll go down in history.
Just for being the classy sexy man you be.
What you do to me baby you may never see.
Thanks for the way youíve inspired me,
Such Sweet Rich Chocolate what a blessing to see.

Rich Chocolate by SelinaShardaye

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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