Mr. Companion Do Come!

by SelinaShardaye

Come teach me words, words that will bless.
Come tell me of good things.
Things that will prove everlasting.
If your much different than the rest.
Come to me with sunshine.
Don’t leave me with sorrow.
Give me the joy that makes me look forward to tomorrow.
Give me  Passion that‘s  everlasting.
Give me  peace  let there be no harassing .
Have calm days with me, like when there’s nothing to do.
Have relaxing days with me I wouldn’t refuse you.
Argue with me have your own opinion.
Get mad if you want to set up a separate dominion.
As long as you can say what you feel.
As long as you remain open and real.
                       Let us counsel let us reason let us write.
Let us not fear a logical fight.
Let us tear down now our own little kingdoms.
And unite together with unity and liberal freedoms.
Let me impart to you my past my present my hopeful future.
As you do the same our emotions we’ll capture.
Share your inspirations your secrets.
Lets make sweet memories the kind no one ever forgets.
Forgive me when you feel my actions really stink.
Hold on to me when I’m sad, emotions crumble give me hope help me think.
I’ll have your back, join your  wars,  help bath and anoint you heal your scars.
Give you hope to reach the moon to the highest stars.
Come, Mr. Companion Do Come!

Mr. Companion Do Come! by SelinaShardaye

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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