SelinaShardaye More Than a Rose!

by SelinaShardaye

She stands there posing, strikingly.
Beauty glowing  flowing tastefully
Wrapped in history adorned with knowledge draped with class.
A eye for the future a smile for the present inspiration that will last.
Heart filled with peaceful emotions, seasoned with experiences involved
in current events.
Free from bitterness, hatred, prejudices the things that normally prevents.
Eyes infiltrating,
Nose detecting, inhaling, exhaling.
Clarity, rationality, dignity.
Expressions for all to be equally free.
Rejecting any unsavory thought.                                            
Pushing past all things unrightfully bought.
A smile, a frown, lips that perk, lips that pout.
Lips that speak of what  loves about.
Quietly gazing at her surrounding.
Admiring people as they are passing.
With a mind in tune,
Words kept not to be spoken too soon.
Never over estimating hardly judging
Tries to keep from merely speculating.
Baring six sons seasoning knights for the future.
Having laid down a foundation studied by lecture.
SelinaShardaye more than a rose battled storms and tribulations.
Rains came to wash away burdens traces bringing jubilation.
Not many knows her story.
In future may be known her glory.
Come abide with her, read of  her, share with her comparing life its history.
We all stand like zillions of Roses protected by our thorns.
Singing our stories with the word as our swords.
Much more than just a dozen Roses.
All singing our stories with striking poses.
Giving much needed testimony itís like healing word therapy
Inhale the fresh crisp breeze that flows from SelinaShardaye so justly so poetically.
Despite the roughest of elements Ms. SelinaShardaye.
She stills stands, She survives and grows.

SelinaShardaye More Than a Rose! by SelinaShardaye

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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