Midnight Fun

by SelinaShardaye

As I stepped into the bedroom, the lights were low.
I took my time and walked very slow.
In bed lay this man with a nice body frame.
What a sight my mans body for me to claim.
Sleeping gently, soundly extremely peacefully.
Therefore unaware of me.
Enticed by this sight aroused my secret garden.
I felt the stream of my river flow, my face aglow my nipples harden.
From bottom to top I began quickly undressing.
Seeing him and how he makes me feel oh what a blessing.
Soft cuddly and naked I slipped under the covers stroking gently his manhood.
Just touching and rubbing it made me feel so good.
He suddenly began to stir.
I licked and sucked his tip, teasingly kissing there.
Glided my lips up and down the head of it.
Allowed the back of my throat to firmly grasp for it.
Ummm honey nectars suckle.
Made my females part succumb made me buckle.
Out flows my juices they began to unfold.
Thoughts of climbing on top of him, canít wait to feel good and whole.
His manhood so hard in my mouth, he reaches out for me.
He trembles and shakes this pleases by own body.
Releasing his manhood I licked his belly to his chest.
He straightens his body grabbing at my waist I saddled him as I do best.
Placing him inside, Iím ready for the ride.
He shivers as back and forth I glide.
Till I reached my climax and explodes inside.
He now gazes at me taking control.
As he clings to my hips heís got a real nice hold.
Pumping his groin inside me so intensely now in ecstasy.
I hear his sighs see him roll back his eyes.
As his manhood explodes within my garden in between my thighs.
Filling me up juicefuly inside.
Our bodies go limp both so satisfied.
I then lay me breast,
On his chest so we both can rest.
Sleeping now in each others arms that was our midnight fun.
We both will sleep until awakened by a Saturday morning sun.

Midnight Fun by SelinaShardaye

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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