Run Just Run

by SelinaShardaye

Run! God help Me I'm Running fast as I can....
I can hear the wind rush past my ears.
Heart beats very clear racing with thunderous boom.
So fast are my feet a crash to the cement is my treat. 
Fear grinding through me. 
a bad scrape and tear to my knee. 
No ones in sight to rescue me.
I arise up quickly and keep running pleeasee 
Don't let them catch me.. 
Somebody open a front door, a car door, 
a business door, somebody who can see me rescue me.
Reaching a friend's home nobody's home. 
I break my way inside.. I can feel them inside 
too searching for me. I hide in a closet breathing
recklessly fear griping repeatedly. 
The urge to hide with out a sense of 
security or safety for me.
I then can see an escape and sneak out and away.
I'm running fast scared fearful I need 
a place that can hold me hide me. 
Why doesn't such a place exist for me. 
Because any where I find to hide
they seem to catch up to me. 
I manage to find a family to mingle and blend
in with telling them quick call the police. 
Some things after me.
Who they ask what they inquire where? 
The danger I knew it was real. There my life to steal. 
The chase was real. No place is safe here still. 
I only got a moment to chill. They will be here. 
Bringing all the fear. I gotta go as 
I began to seek a hiding place in alleys 
and dark shacks passing houses 
and homes I'm all alone. 
My heart almost bursting thackity thack 
whack whack pulse beating sweat pouring.
I raise up, with all this dread to find I'm in bed.
I was only dreaming. I'm dreaming, 
My body up believing danger was pursuing.
Mind thankful my gosh I'm only dreaming. 
I escaped the demons howling they're chasing 
me in nightmarish dreams. I am glad wiping 
sweat for I was only dreaming!

Run Just Run by SelinaShardaye

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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