Before A Black President Could Represent!

by SelinaShardaye

If I became President, 
A black Woman President.
Iíd leave my job on Friday.
Get put into office on Saturday.
Assassinated on Sunday.
And be forgotten about on Monday.

Some would probably say.
She was a woman anyway.
She never should have had such a day.
Whatís the world come to anyway.

If I became President. 
A Black Woman President.
I would have been prepared to represent.
But my time would have been so short spent.
If I were President. 
A Black Woman President.

If we had a Black man as president.
Before me He would have been sent.
As the first Black male President.

Before the blink of an eye.
The white man would have been crying oh  no oh my.
This man has to surely die.
Before the People could respond or reply.
Someone would have shot him in the head through the eye.
America wouldnít even have time to cry.
People do we wonder why?
This Country is built on a lie.
This country would never kiss racism bye bye.
They try to hide it cover it up in sweet liberty pie.
They sing out that sweet equality righteous cry.
Freedom for all but itís just a lie.
When Americans all seemed to stand together.
It changes with the weather.
The 911 didnít keep unity forever.
With Hurricane Katrina a reminder to forget not ever.
Red, Yellow, Black or Brown if your not White then whatever.
Your going to have to be very clever.

Before A Black President Could Represent! by SelinaShardaye

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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