Black Love, Oceans Sea Gulls, Let's Do It Again

by SelinaShardaye

Love is me and you,
Chatting and kicking it like we do.
Seeing the emotions that bind us two.
First just keep making love to my mind.
O baby you sho nuff makin love to my mind.
Got my heart flowin just knowing it's all up in you.
Your sensual sweet voice doing to me what it do.
You ain't even touched me just yet and I'm about to scream.
I hope this ain't no damn dream.
you got me lookin past your face.
into that more beautiful place.
In between your temples where your mind lies.
And damn baby I'm so hypnotized.
You make me want to hurt you 
with what's between my nice thick thighs.
You already done kicked down my heart's door 
got me wantin more so.
Got me imaginin my garden sliding 
being wrapped up around your soul sausage yo.
We are floatin on this dark sweet ocean,
Man this is our own private ocean.
Sea gulls cryin, goin deep divin.
Fishes secretly spyin wishin and admiring.
The way we be riding when we are heart to heart pluckin.
Other sea creatures duckin, 
whales sayin who's doing all that fuckin.
Then we take off drenched wet and began flyin.
To heavenly clouds to cool in our own skies.
Away from any spies where the ocean lies.
Layin back on soft white clouds gentle bliss,
To reminisce.
On the musical sounds we just made, 
how every kiss planted in the right places.
Leaving their traces in passions mindful cases.
Take my hand. 
And again I'm yours at your command.
Now on our own private beach kicking up sand.
To whistling winds and old jam playin "Let's do it again", 
"you go hell yeah baby girl that's what I'm sayin".
I ain't playin that's our love song sayin 
"let's do it in the morning, sweet dreams in the summertime",
Knowin your sweet baby just gettin good lovin",
And I go yeah boy cause I'm hot just like an oven, 
And I'm gettin good just gettin good lovin. 
"Now let's do it again".

Black Love, Oceans Sea Gulls, Let's Do It Again by SelinaShardaye

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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