Beware Of Copying The Wayward Lewd Woman

by SelinaShardaye

She wears a coat of Jealousy
A hat to promote Fear
Nails of Poison.
Hair of Wrath.
A heart full of dangerous Pride
Eyes covered in black eye shadows. 
Often seeing only the evil.
She's dressed in Vanity.
Her mentality has no morality.
No rationality. 
She spews angers venom.
As she lies claiming to be cloth in clothes of goodness.
Her words are fake. If they speak of blessings.
Lost in this worlds wilderness.
She's such a ridiculous mess.
She proclaims to be a winner one of the best.
Calling everyone else a hater of her looks and dress.
She will claim to be a money maker. 
Showing herself as a rump shaker.
She'll prove to be a back stabbing snitch.
A liar a witch.
She's such a phony.
Stank like bologny
Lifting up her banner she's full of treacherousness.
Her wayward Online ways showing her nakedness.
Her seekers and callers are full of dumbness.
She draws sluts and trash.
On a road going downward really fast.
Their using each other and its nothing that will last.
She's passing out diseases and frightening illnesses.
In the end the flesh it consumes as they live.
Her mouth is full of cursing.
And all the drama it does bring. 
Looking like candy run beware of her outward beauty. 
To capture the fools is her duty.
If your a woman don't copy her motives or her styles.
Don't be quick to claim to be the envied or the hated.
Before every ones eyes don't copy her or seek to be related. 
Saying your the best the hated using your body to draw in the fools.
Using yourself to make lookers drool.
Be classy uplifting and spiritually wholesome.
Share your intelligence your knowledge and wisdom.
No giving of praise to them that hate. 
With those you don't have to associate.
Share what makes you interesting.
Not how you look in a G-string.
Stand bright sophisticated adorable and smiling.

Beware Of Copying The Wayward Lewd Woman by SelinaShardaye

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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