Belly Jelly

by SelinaShardaye

"He said come on over here, let me see you work that belly. 
Yes I know it's out there and it's kind of heavy. (Smile)
See I try to hide this belly squeeze it in exercise this belly.
I hate to expose it I suck it in, trying hard to hide it.
Wearing a big loose top.
So I won't show off all my belly bop.
But to get to the core of me,
My baby said not to try hiding my smooth round belly.
Said my belly is his own belly jelly.
He started to work my belly jelly messaging, kissing, and licking it.
I was trying hard not to have a fit
He rubbed and rubbed it thought he'd never quit.
He put his face right to it, showed me how he could really do it.
I started to blossom opened up inside, knew I no longer had anything to hide.
He gave me TLC every inch of me from head to toe.
I wasn't ashamed any more, I let my love for him flow.
I stopped complaining about my imperfections.
We both made such a closer connection.
Giving love and trust no hidden rejections.
We were skin to skin, surrendering all ecstasy calls
Seductions did fall so into it all.
See the body is just a mold.
That holds within the beautiful soul.
All emotions gave in, felt complete, felt whole. 
I can still feel his touch, 
Feel such a rush. 
Still feel him working  this belly jelly.
As I work on this body trying to get it right.
He still gives belly jelly pleasure all through the night.
If you've got someone with that belly jelly.
Tell them to get it ready, hold it  nice and steady, as you love on it completely.

Belly Jelly by SelinaShardaye

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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