Adam And Eve The Fall

by SelinaShardaye

She blamed him he wasn’t there while she was searching him.
Alone in the garden. Browsing eyes again feasting forbidden thing.
Told to keep away from.
Alluring be that Serpent seeing her  away from Him searching.
Serpent slithered on in.
 Him off working, tilling seeking. Unseeing.
He blamed her, for being off and away searching.
The forbidden thing
She blamed him for not being close enough and not listening in.
Whilst searching for you in my view the forbidden thing came.
She proclaimed.
As yes the Serpent came and convinced me
of the harmlessness of this thing.
Its tempting. 
Take eat with me.
As he did eat.
 Separation, hardship, incompatibility, neglect, 
war and fighting in generations this world it did
Such unnatural things,  they were put out of the garden. 
Oh how soon to come things would change.
Woman as day  As  night is to Man. 
Hard to find Him the same ever again.
 With out heavens blessings and bringing together of such things.
The Fall and
Clashing of Planets
By The SelinaShardaye
S.A.M 2008 All Rights Reserved

Adam And Eve The Fall by SelinaShardaye

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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