Adam And Eve Unite Again

by SelinaShardaye

Adam  and Eve Come Together Again.
In His Image

My husband rest on legs of hope and liberation.
Perseverance and dreams are worn as a well pressed suit.
Like a brassiere Will and Endurance 
strapped themselves about my chest.
In His Image!
Determination has stitched itself within my frame.
While truth as a necklace and faith as a hat. Decorates me.
Power and Strength grows within his bones.
Laced with Privacy as Cuffs of Patience cover his wrist.
The two of us were traveling on different roads with similar trials.
Roads that would one day meet up.
As I studied at a underpass searching a marketed village.
I had chosen to set up shop as tourist.
Endured abusive mishandlings as the towns people shopped.
Our shoes scared with marks from a weary journey.
With Patches hidden in hearts places.
We both born in the same month with a years difference,
Fifteen days between our birthdays. 
The same seasonal love of Winter tied us.
Our taste buds linked by the similar cravings in food.
Compatible are the Holidays we adore.
In His Image!
The best of likened characteristics thought lost in others, 
found in each other to be greater than.
Desires thought only in dreams, brought into our reality realm.
So much compatibility thought to be magically unbelievable.
Goals patterns us into blanketed fabrics, woven into fabulous designs.
Prayers laid before a higher Throne Room.
Searching, finding discovering one another.
Promises we hold fast to. Instilled with patience.
Substance of things hoped for, Evidence of things unseen.
As the distant Moon, we are Moons of privacy.
I the feminine to his masculine.
Only the glow revealed love sealed in gold.
We Live away from the Villages we have traveled. 
Away seclusion, growing, waiting, planting, singing.
Trails coming we prepare for. Standing this time as One.
Together United together we come.
We take our places now in Heavenly Galaxies.
He my Adam I his Eve!

Adam And Eve Unite Again by SelinaShardaye

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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