The Abuse I Gave Up On

by SelinaShardaye

               I gave up on the abuse in my house, I ran to a shelter.
Now my husband is looking for me, threatening to harm whose helping me.
       The place I'm in is where we live in fear most of our days.
The Womens Haven is the man your thinking of beating up.
        For taking me in rescuing me, from the hell you put me through.
You need to give up.
    Your need to rule me, control me, use me, despise me.
Give up wanting to hit me, decieve me, hold on to me.
        I ran to a safer place, because I gave up on holding on to you.
Because you are the Man.
     Gave up holding on because you are the kids Father.
Gave up on waiting for those temporary honeymoon phases.
       Where you appear kind and sweet.
    Only to turn and bring it all to defeat.
        To the building of tension until the stormy phase shows.
Bringing us the whoa's, the painful moments of sorrows.
             Where hurt and anger swells. 
Awful moments I'd never tell, horrible stories people sells.
     Days weeks months and years, Has brought stress with no relief.
Living with a man who seldoms does right causes agony where can I retreat?
    It takes a toll on us physically,,, my body is tired it's ill can't you see?
Blood pressure is high stomach all achy,,, I'm filled with tension and anxiety.
            Even sleep runs away from me..... The things you do make me worry, makes me fret.
That you haven't killed me yet.    Being your woman makes me regret.
    Regret we met, regret we slept, regret I stayed, regret it all.
Recall the hidden pains that lingers and stalls.

Tired of the jealousy and the strife,, hate I was your girlfriend then wife.
 Hate you blaming me for your anger too.  Saying it's all my fault all the hell you send me through.
  My fault for standing up to you.      For trying to move away from you. 
        The abuse in this house I run from I give up on YOU.
Get angry all you won't to blame me but I now have the courage to say. 
                            "WE ARE THROUGH".

The Abuse I Gave Up On by SelinaShardaye

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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