The Promise

by Sherry

In a dark room full of silence he sits with a confused mind 
not thinking of the one’s he loved 
but this was the answer to all the problems in his life.

He felt his world had begun to crumble before his very eyes 
and that he could do no right so why continue to try. 
Help me was his cry no one heard deep down inside. 
A strong-minded black man was the character he portrayed in life. 
Because no one knew the truth and all the pain he tried to hide.

When I first met this brotha he was candy to my eyes. 
There was a connection between us we both felt deep down inside.
It was something special about him and how he held me tight. 
He would whisper the words of the songs and smile 
as we danced to soft music late one Saturday night.

Our relationship had grown strong in a short period of time. 
We began to get personal  as we talked about our lives. 
He told me things had not been easy but he managed to survive. 
Yet there were skeletons in his closet he never talked about.

I can remember so many nights he would fall on his knees and cry. 
I would hold him in my arms and say baby everything’s gonna be all right.
We talked and we prayed of the reasons why he  hated  himself. 
I didn’t realize until that moment things were serious and he needed help

He said that he loved me and promised he’d not  leave at least not this way, 
but something kept haunting me and I knew he would do it someday.
I felt his pain deep down inside each time he shed a tear 
and always tried assuring him life is a beautiful thing. 
But no matter what I said he would smile 
and say "remember I love you girl forever and a day."

This was a secret he made me promise not to tell one soul. 
He was my best friend and lover so I had to carry this load.  
This was a mistake I must admit but I held it deep within 
when it was something I should have told his one and only best friend. 
To break a promise it just didn’t seem right 
so I vowed to keep this secret for the rest of my life.

Sometimes  when I go visit him I cry and say damn. 
This place has no warm feelings of existence it just space and open land.
Because this brotha broke his promise and 
took his life with his own hands
Alicia Keys says, “I won’t tell your secrets, your secret are safe with me.”
Well if I had told this brotha’s secret there a chance he might have lived.

The Promise by Sherry

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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