Strong Black Women

by Shelly Sherrill

Who said you can't be feirce
Who said you can't be a millionaire because of your race or the color of your skin
Who said you can't do what Rosa Parks or Maya Angelou did
because if I put this pen to this notebook 
I'm going say whatever I need to say comprehend
Us as black woman need to stand up for how we feel
Living in this world of democracy 
where they try to play fair but its just pretend
Everybody got a voice 
Everybody got an opinion 
but the most important thing of all is whos listening 
Guide your audiance and catch their attention
Reach for endurance and high commitments
It's hard to be believing if you're looked at as deceiving 
but sometimes your words can be misleading

so now do you believe me ? 

Strong Black Women by Shelly Sherrill

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