by Sharry Woods

Rejection, Rejection, Rejection
What is it about you that ignites this obsession?
Ever since I was child I was in love with you.
Without you I have no real existence
You are everything that is anything that makes me…
Growing up you never left my side
You would always seek me even when I tried to hide
As I became a woman I attempted to stand on my own
I begged you to leave me but you would never go.
Why is it that you’re the only one that will stay? 
You don’t even care how many times I push you away
You just wait patiently for me to return to reality
You never penalize me for thinking irrationally
I’m so sorry for trying to separate myself from you 
Because the truth is.
I am nothing without you
You inspired me!   
To be… Me.
When you give me space, I chase you
When you ignore me the more I have to say to you.
Throughout my life you have always been there
You were my mother…my father
Rejection you are my best friend…
You have proven with time
Your with me until the end
I acknowledge your commitment to me
I am forever indebted to you 
You are the only one that never leaves.
I just want say thank you… 
Thank you for becoming more predictable with time
As you know I can not withstand uncertainty.  
Rejection, Rejection, Rejection
Me and you 
Meant to be!

Rejection by Sharry Woods

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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