We Need To Talk

by Sharnita Grant

"Baby look,
you know you mean everything to me.
You've always been there,
for me you would do almost anything.
That's mostly why I ove you, 
and can't lie to you anymore.
We've been together too many years,
and I just can't do it no more.
I didn't want it to go like this,
but there's really no other way.
Im gonna be honest,
there's really nothing else to say.
Please don't say anything,
just let me get through.
Im leaving you for him,
its just what I need to do.
I know you're probably mad,
and I don't blame you.
If you were leaving me,
I'd be upset too.
But be honest,
let the  truth be told.
For some time now, 
things between us have been cold.
Our relationship is over,
its come to an end.
I've tried really hard,
but no more can I pretend.
Im not happy,
or at all satisfied.
You won't give me all I need.
And mostly beacause of your pride,
don't act stupid.
And act as if you don't know,
I've told you before.
You just say okay and let it go.
My heart isn't one,
to be toyed with daily.
I'm sick of your games, 
and this dead relationship mainly.
I've given you one chance too many.
I won't do it anymore.
I've packed your sh*t,
and it's waiting for you on the porch.
So I think you better leave,
don't talk just go.
Cause my new man ,
is on his way home".

We Need To Talk by Sharnita Grant

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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