5 Seconds

by Sharnita Grant

 ...I walk in this room...
full of people...
I see you accross the room...
suddenly I lose myself...
I close my eyes and inhale...

*Second 1*
You are so much,
standing tall and strong.
I'm taken in,
somehow I'm strong.
Brown and smooth,
looking so damn good.
Oooooh, what I would do,
if I only could.
Smelling so good,
sounding good too.
Um, um, um
if you only knew.

*Second 2*
Our eyes meet,
you kiss me deeply.
My body is yours,
and opens up completely.
I take off my clothes,
wothout even a care.
You do the same ,
not a second to spare.
Your eyes watching me,
anxiously waiting.
Staring at your body,
my tongue antisipating.

*Second 3*
You lay me on the table, 
spread my legs open wide.
you taste me deeply,
tongue slides and glides.
you flip me around, 
and sit me on your face.
It makes me think of your d*ck,
now that I have to taste.
I drop to the floor,
down on my knees.
I lick, suck deeply,
until you start trembling.

*Second 4*
You want me so bad now,
and I can't take it anymore.
So we get straight to it,
right there on the floor.
You on top of me,
pounding and grinding slowly.
I start sighing and moaning,
that only leads to screaming.
I give it to you,
now I'm on top, dipping,
bouncing and twisting,
and my a** you start gripping.

*Second 5*
You bend me over,
and start pushing deeply.
You kiss my back,
strong but sweetly.
You start to speed up,
you say "baby I'm coming".
I say "me too"
and my juices start running.
As my passion flows,
I feel you trembling in me.
You've taken me to a place,
so full of heat, passion, and extasy.

...I open my eyes and exhale...
I lick my lips and smile...
I walk to you and tap your shoulder...
"Hi I'm Nina, and you are?"...
"Nice to meet you"...
you smile...and so do I... 

5 Seconds by Sharnita Grant

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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