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Shandra Love is a writer who's been addicted to reading and writing since first learning how to read and write. She's the sixth of nine children and hails from Oklahoma. She's the single mother of two daughters and owns a photography business outside of writing.

Her second book, My Journey Back, My One Mile: A Sister's Grief, is receiving rave reviews from those who have had the opportunity to read it. It details her painful and seemingly lonely return from "Clinical Depression" after the sudden and unexpected death of her little sister.

The manner in which she details their follies and other adventures, as they were coming up, is guaranteed to keep you laughing, crying, and quickly turning the pages to see what happens next. It is sure to leave you with a newfound sense of love for family, self, and the determination to make that last mile.

A third book, Universal Moods - Short Stories and Poetry to Stir, the Mind, Body, and Soul, which was written with four online 'pals,' is in the process of being published and contains works that show her versatility for subject matter and themes.

Being booked through April 2005, with book signings and speaking engagements, she is already enjoying what gives authors their drive and motivation to keep seeking higher heights...the love and connectedness of a dedicated reading audience.

You can contact Ms. Love via e-mail at or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

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