It had 2 B U

by Shameka Renee

You sending me text messages
You calling me non-stop
You like...ME
An inch above 6' three
You stand
Caressing your hand 
On my cheek
I am weak
B 4 U
See I was warned
About you
Yet you still stuck a thorn in my side
You Judas You
You pay no attention to the blood 
that flows down my sides
And the tears that flee my eyes
Leaving trails of pain down my chocolate cheeks
I am weak
B 4 U
And I cry father forgive him 
for he knows not what you'll do
Beware the wrath of touching God's people
It's my fault I laid with evil
Yet you talked a good game
I was nothing but a girl till I moaned your name
In the depths of night He heard my cry
As you pushed yourself inside
It didn't take long
You were the topic of my song
I thought it could be
Would be
Should be
I told them all I was NOT BEAT
Still I know that you know that 
I am weak
B 4 U
The writing's on the wall and we're almost through
But baby I'm woman enough to come to you
And say
What, do I do with these feelings?
I need some healing 
Cause you dwell in my bones
Write, direct, and produce my Love Jones
Just the thought of having you gone
Brings out the weak
And murders the strong
Woman I was
B 4 I pictured love
B 4 I looked in those eyes
B 4 I prayed your seed came from between my thighs
B 4 I thought about loosing you
B 4 I began accusing you
B 4 I ever knew
There could be no one else
It had 2 B U.

It Had 2 B U by Shameka Renee

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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