I Like

by Shameka Renee

My mama say it's your height
I like
But she wasn't around us last night
She didn't hear what you said to me
Your conversation my dear
Is so sexy
My best friend says I use you for inspiration
And occasionally for a lil' bit of relations
But she wasn't there the other day
When you held me in your own way
And nestled your chin in the back of my neck
See your touch my dear
Is better than sex
And yeah you do inspire me
I could write 10 million songs
And a whole book of poetry
Cause I like
The way you like
The things I like
Like, playing an old school tune
You make me think of a wedding in June
Or a cook out in July
My daddy thinks he knows why
He say: You like him cause he a slick Willy
I respond: Daddy that's silly
I like him cause he feeds my spirit
He never wants to hear it
But it's the truth
I like 
The way 
I like you
Ooh baby it feels like kisses
When you talking to this misses
And I like...every moment 
That your Nokia spends speaking to my Nokia
Thank you AT&T 
For keeping me connected to this MAN
Cause can't nobody do what he can
I really can't describe 
What I like
But I like
The way we like each other
I like the way you tell me about old lovers
I like that I can tell you any and everything
I like how you've never heard me sing
But you know I got skills
I like the way you make me feel
And those who think they know really have no idea
This is the diary of a woman in like
With the option to buy
But for now I'll settle for like
And I like you.

I Like by Shameka Renee

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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