Ghetto Love

by Shameka Renee

Damn boo
Laying on your chest
Listening to your breath
As you inhale and exhale
Heavily in your sleep
I want you dreaming of me
And you in ecstasy
Cause ghetto love got me intoxicated
Beyond infatuated
Youíve left me with your scent
Iím bent
Over backwards touchin my toes
Lord knows
For you
Iíd sacrifice 
The essence of I
And concentrate on us
Cause ghetto love
Got me listening to Jill Scott
In a tub
Of bubbles
Is it the way you cuddle?
Or love me baby
Close is what you want to be
Close to the brown-ness of me
And every time you leave 
You take a piece of me with thee
And itís Ghetto love
That got us 
In this triangular love connection
Itís more than your erection 
That got me wet
Itís somethin Iíve felt since we met
I remember your clothing, your smell, your laughter
Every word youíve ever spoke
If this ghetto love was something I could smoke
Iíd be so addicted
And die if not permitted
To sit in my room every night
Listening to Jaguar Wright
And place you in my pipe
Getting the ultimate high, But what if
It wasnít legalized
To have you in between my thighs
Then oops oh my
I apologize
Cause you give that ghetto love to me
Like beauticians do doobies
Iím pinned up tight
And when itís all said and done Iím looking aight
Itís ghetto love that got me professing
That your caressing
Still got me sprung
Could it e youíre the one
Or am I blinded by the sight 
Of the closest thing to a black knight
In a Sean Jean sweater
Perhaps I can do better
Ghetto love had me blushin and smirkin
Now Iím hurtin
Cause I got it bad
And itís oh so sad
How you donít even call
And the reason we donít talk
Is no reason at all
See we two of a kind
Same type of mind
All I need is your body and soul
Iíll loose control
Anytime anyplace
Ghetto love itís written all over your face
Donít say a word
Cause Iíve heard
Through the grape vine
Youíre still mine
And I still belong to you
Who knew?
And for those who donít know me well
Iím sitting in my room puffin on an L
Hell yeahÖ. O-V-E
And itís ghetto
But thatís okay with me 

Ghetto Love by Shameka Renee

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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