Crazy N Love

by Shameka Renee

Hot 97 blasts in the background
We ridin seriously
Air can't get between you and me
Listening to 21 questions
I'm never second guessin
Baby you a blessin
It's US
You ain't gotta say it
But I know it's all love
And honestly it is he
That got me speaking like India Arie
It be
A pleasure of mine 
To spend a quarter, of a second of my lifetime 
With you
I'm down for whatever WE going through
I'm the left to your right
You're the loose to my tight
Still I try to be the day to your night
I gotta be your definition of light
Glowing down upon your brown skin
Loving the man I see
Desiring the man within
Wondering if 4-ever
Ever crosses your mind
Somewhere, somehow, sometime
Wondering if commitment
Gets you frightened 
Sometimes I'm sighing
Cause these feelings are overwhelming
Babygirl is sailing
To demensions
Never before reacehd
Is this love you teach
Or affection I learn
In the midnight hours
It is for you I yearn
Hoping to hear the voice that exicites me
Defines and then writes me
Searching for he that dares to bite me
Lick, caress, and ignite me
He like me
The way fat kids like twinkies, ho-hos, and chips
I'm his chocolate dip
It's crazy
How baby
Got me thinking maybe
He just made me
Fall crazy, crazy in love.

Crazy N Love by Shameka Renee

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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