Baby Mama

by Shameka Renee

It's funny how the dummy
Is me
Expecting child number 3
With you
Well actually it makes 2
If you subtract the one you paid to have wacked
I'll thank your mafia mentality for that
You dumped that body in the murky swamps of your dreams
They say in your dreams you can hear its screams
Perhaps that's why you decided that you'd go back in it raw
Cause when I gave that look of disappointment 
Thats not all that you saw
And your mama can blame me for the miscarriage that I had
But there wouldn't be these problems if she had simply aborted yo' ass
And the reason I got bleeding with baby number three
Is cause you battered my cervix
Just like you battered me
And sure I've thought of simply going back to that same old place
Where the hate in me got me wanting to kill ya kid
Cause I despise your face
And true indeed I cry and scream 
And you ignore cuz you can't take the drama
Try explaining me to your other baby mama
See you looked in my eyes and said you thought I was the one
And your lies they would have killed me
But it was I who burried your son
And sure you don't know the story you didn't even call
You was out somewhere wildin tryin to drink away it all
And hide your anguish from the pain between olive colored thighs
You sweated out your liquor doing sexual exercise
And I can say it was my fault cuz I knew what you was like
But I'm stroking on my belly praying for your safety tonight
See I'm trying hard to do this here pregnancy thing on my own
But it ain't my fault sweetie, cuz sperm is not a loan
And I know you hate the idea, this right here is karma
You dripping like you in a sauna
Cuz you gotta explain me to your other baby mama
See sometimes we all get caught up
Baby that's a shame
You addicted to yourself
Yet you label it the game
And all the love I made to you
It sure enough was in vain
So call your baby mama
Tell her Shameka ended this game

Baby Mama by Shameka Renee

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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