The Lie I Must Keep

by Shalon Montgomery

A woman sits with her eyes fastened to the open doorway while winding the straps of her nightgown. He’s late, but she figured he would be. She places a hand between her thighs to make up for the tardiness. She’s getting there, but a concern has hold over her thoughts. Something that’s been eating away at the both of them for quite some time. She extends her long limbs to grab the notepad and pen resting on the table then she vents.

“What we are feels eternal. When I shut my eyes I see all his quirks, flaws and perfections. No matter who I’m with he’s somewhere on my mind. Indulging in others has become less satisfying. The time we spend in other romances is always stolen back.

He feels no different. He confides in me and I in him. So when I keep this truth from him he doesn’t know what to feel. No matter how it rolls off my tongue he knows it’s a lie. He grins believing the resentment is gone, but it still lingers.What was done had to be done; doesn’t matter who did it. The lie is keeping him devoted for the moment. The truth could leave me with another dreaded memory. If I’m willing to slay a love one lying to one isn’t asking too much.”

Silence reigns but something catches her attention. She calmly reaches into her nightstand drawer and grabs the lighter inside. She rips the page from the pad and sets it ablaze. Amidst, the flame and disintegrating paper a young man appears in the doorway.

“What’s that,” he asks.

She smiles then tosses the remains into the metal bin beside the nightstand, “Come to bed. It’s been awhile.”

The Lie I Must Keep by Shalon Montgomery

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