by Shadoe

this is the jump off

steam is rolling off me like a locomotive
going to the last stop
last stop that is
last chance for you to clear this scene

that scene played in my head o
                                r  again
see i can't describe this scene to you
thinking of getting out and walking
no, i'll let this poem do the talking
i ain't going for that

should i shed a tear for the hurt that i'm feelin'
when i see this scene reeling in my mind
wait a minute, wait a minute let me slow down
got to get enough gumption for the "throw down"

thoughts on what to do race about me
take it? stay? or fake a smile like i really care
remember what yo' mama said, "be the bigger person"

but not when disrespect is around the corner lurkin'
snake in the grass? how 'bout i bust yo' ass?!
that's how i'm feelin'
but you don't feel me

it's plain to see
a wedge is between us
not talkin' about shop class
no need to say names or point the finger
this problem will carry us through the ringer

remind her who got the ring on the finger
i don't think she understands
i don't want to her that is unless
you want to see the real "helter skelter"

remember what yo' mama said, "be the bigger person"
no i want to see some major consequence and repercussion

say hello
oh no, not to you
not as long as the sky is blue

true i don't know you
want it to stay that way
but don't mess with my man any day

i love him
the sacraficer
bet that on my life
he gives me things i need,
a beautiful baby girl and things i like
sweet kisses, sweet nothings,
breakfast in the morning with blueberry muffins
showers me with gifts
no, not the material things
those things don't last
talkin' about the gift of love

what? don't like me too, fine
she, jealous of me? must be
it's not him, her and me
it's you and me
that's what it's gonna be

Vent by Shadoe

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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