Save A Nickel or Two

by Yolanda Shabazz

Contemplate, until thereís a real breakthrough
Go back to what our elders knew
If you have a quarter, save a nickel or two
You work to pay bills, but also to pay you.

Out of each paycheck, save something for yourself
Creditors and bills get a share of whatís left
Learn to leave merchandise on the store shelf
Hold onto your dollars, donít spend like everyone else.

The mantra is when you work forty hours
Pay number one first, then pay what you owe
Have goals for each paycheck
Keep your debts low. 

Paycheck to paycheck is not a plan
Rework the problem, take matters into your own hand
Hard work, sacrifice, if everyone chips in
Your way out of poverty is about to begin

Donít continue doing what you know doesnít work
Stick to your plan until you get the first perk
When you accumulate bank, you now call the shot
Save, spend, give, invest, or not

Dollars will only do what you make them do
Teach each generation that wealth should accrue.

Save A Nickel or Two by Yolanda Shabazz

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