Darn Good Administrator

by Yolanda Shabazz

The EEOC cannot prove that I discriminate. 
I guess next Iíll be blamed for these people always being late.
Itís true, I do, run a tight ship.
Only because these people are just not equipped
Iíve been training and cross training, but not anymore
About that 20-day suspension, itís whatever I say itís for.
No! No! No! Iíve never perpetrated any frauds.
Excuse me one moment while I peruse the time cards.

After all, itís true, they steal company time.
And thatís not their only serious crime.
Just look at this! Another serious mistake.
See why Iím needed. I donít know how much more I can take.
Yes, I have a rubber stamp...Time Off-Denied!
Itís due to a lack of coverage.  I have nothing to hide.
I can also explain the ones Iíve tried to indict.
Money was missing! Surely, you know, thatís not right.

Well, I have to admit, I do prefer a white administrative staff
Itís not that Iím a racist. These people would just be a laugh.
Disciplinary Action!  I use quite often for incompetency.
Infractions, I write up daily. It has become a necessity.		
These mess-ups are the fault of the staff. Really, itís true!
What is a Darn Good Administrator like me supposed to do?
Iíve denied all transfers. I can fire them right now if I like.
Iíve kept up the pressure, hoping they would just take a hike.

Mandatory on-call, I can justify that pursuant to the rules.
Demotions are another option. I have had to use many tools.
Overtime is allowed, however, they donít want to work
And, for proving the point, I should be made to look like a jerk!
Well, let me explain the BIG SECRET, off the record of course!
Subtle or overt, institutional racism is here to stay
Hereís another bulletin!
Iíve been given the key to this castle to keep it that way!

Darn Good Administrator by Yolanda Shabazz

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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