What I See

by Serenity

You and me
should be
what we see ourselves to be
to do as we please
to keep the love in life
you making me your wife
to be by your side
at all times
cause you're mine
and I'm your dime
and just like wine
you get finer with time
and I'm
gonna always be here
for you dear
you don't have to fear
or shed a tear
cause we're
gonna be alright
things seem so right
we're so tight
and we never fight
that let's me know
we will grow
closer together
and will forever
love each other
be there for one another
you are my brother
as well as my lover
and I'll always love you
you're all I want
all I need
I can see
you will be 
there for me
to help me succeed
you always feed
my need
for knowledge and emotion
got me drunk off your love potion
excited by your every motion
intrigued with each notion
for you to please me
to be my freak
keeping me in heat
everytime we meet
never afraid to speak
making me weak 
in the knees
each time you seek
to make love to me
extending my sexual peak
fulfilling my fantasies
arousing my body
making me naughty
everything about you
has me loving you more
makes me adore
all that you are
and will become
to me you're the sun
the one
that has done
so much for me
that I owe you the world
and that makes me
forever your baby girl

What I See by Serenity

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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