I Want A Man

by Serenity

I want a man
to make love to me
explore my body
as well as my mind
up to but not exceeding
my boundaries
fulfilling every fantasy
that ever entered my mind
satisfying me sexually,
emotionally and physically
extending to me
instant gratification
satisfaction of him
just being in my presence
inadvertently helping me to
fall in love
allowing my emotions
to flow deeper than they have before
overwhelming my sexual capacity
enlightening me to the fact
that I'm able to accept 
as much of him as he gives to me
having full trust and confidence
that he'll always make me feel whole
feel like a woman
a real woman
an african american queen
I want him to
eternally lust for my body
have an undying thirst for my mind
always thriving to be next to me
continually reminding me
I"m a unique find
one of a kind
I want him to 
test my abilities
but at the same time
believe in my faith
knowing unconditionally he is my soulmate
as well as my lover and best friend
I want a man
that knows and believes all these things
but above all this
I want a man
to be madly in love with me
loving who I am
and everything about me
but most of all
a brotha to accept me for me

I Want A Man by Serenity

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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