The Man I've Imagined

by Serenity

Damn, I haven't seen you in forever
he said this while I was walking by
I noticed his eyes glance
from my face
to my thick chocolate thighs

Wassup, I responded
I haven't seem him in years
as we speak
feelings rush back
that I had for him my sophomore year

We stand there and reminisce
as time slowly passes us by
two recent strangers
reuniting under the midnight sky

I'm leaning against the wall
staring deep into his hazelnut eyes
I'm captivated by his presence
mesmerized with his smile
indulged by his lustfulness
intrigued with his unique style

His body language speaks to me
I'm understanding it quite too well
this butter pecan brotha
has me captured by his spell

He takes his hand
and gently brushes my cheek
all the while telling me
I'm very precious and unique
a sexy sista with attitude
a beautiful nubian queen

he kissed me
long, erotic and passionate
tasting my sweet innocence
while grinding up against him
I felt his growing manness

I grabbed his muscular ass
while sucking his long wet tongue
savoring this moment
of sensual heat and passion

I begged him to make love to me
to make me feel all that he felt
I wanted him to make me...

moan in pleasure
scream with desire
move with passion
make it hot like fire
rolling these sharp hips
kissing lucious lips
teasing the tip 
of his dick
with my tongue
wanting him to cum
in my mouth
over my face
down my back
I wanted all of that
nut three times
or maybe four
never to stop
releasing more

but instead.....

he kissed my forehead
telling me I should wait
for that moment 
of us making love
our bodies becoming one
in a deep state of passion

He wanted to do things to me
things I've never done
things that I've only dreamed of
and those things will come
with the man I've imagined
the man in my thoughts
the man that I've longed for
the man whom I love

The Man I've Imagined by Serenity

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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