The Beginning

by Selsius

This is the beginning.

I love beginnings because I can start over.
I can correct the wrongs....
through the hurts....try harder to understand confusion.

I am making me transparent.

I just want simplicity....a true love. Not necessarily a romantic love,
but more genuine. I love like freely. It's caused me more
heartaches than I care to mention. But I pick myself back up...dust myself
off, and love all over again. I don't think the world's ready for that
kind of emotion. The kind that's relentless...just wanting the best for
any random person.

Sometimes I think I'm crazy. Who do you know puts their heart out with no
second thought of the possibility of themselves being torn apart? That is
me, I suppose...a glutton for punishment maybe? I pray feels a
million times greater...and far better than any second hand dream I once
thought I had.

The Beginning by Selsius

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