by Secrethoughts

America isn't
The only one with a dream
I have a dream too
But I guess 
They don't consider me 
Part of America
Or American enough to dream
Maybe because 
I still ain't free
And I can't have 
My dream because 
The thread keeps
Getting pulled out 
The seams
Or it gets 
Punctured with bullets 
And daily beatings
Or I go out to dream 
And they follow me
Because my dream
Was in the wrong neighborhood
It was after the curfew 
They set for all that seem
To look like me 
And have my dream
They say I should 
Just wait for the effect
Of the 'Trickle Down'
But that's just a theory
And the trickle
Is just someone else
Peeing on me
Because I am still 
On the bottom
But that IS their dream
So I guess that means 
I won't be getting mine
Because my dream 
Is a waste
Of someone else's time
And when its time to cash 
Mine in
I get sent to the back of the line
To wait again
But that isn't how 
It's gonna be
Because you can't choke
This dream out of me
I will reach it with both hands
And hold on to the reality
So that tonight
When America lies down
To sleep
I guess it will be 
Having its nightmare
Cause the dream no longer
Excludes me
Because I'll have my dream
I will finally be free
And my whole family
will be standing tall with me
No longer needing knee pads
But shoes on our feet
And not having to dream

Dream by Secrethoughts

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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