by Scrappy

I stand up its not looking to good down I stand up and stagger 
and my back  theirs a dagger 
unbalanced as I look up at the ladder 
the climb will be rougher this time 
a voice telling me your going to feel a little pinch 
body reacting to the chemical mix 
dying from your book scent  
NO STAY AWAY! mind is going out, 
I can barely stand up YOU'RE GOING TO KILL ME! 
I can't defend me, nowhere to run, 
damaged has been done 
where I am classified information. 
Wanted I often change stations, 
more needles waiting, 
dying cause im not concentrating, 
body sends vibes, I've had enough, 
and sensitive to the touch. 
You've put me in places I never wanted to be, 
locked away while, your torture blackens me 
another 50 cc before I go out, 
I try to remember a melody. 
Screaming as I go under why does this have to happen, 
it felt like a paper cut, 
I couldn't figure it out quickly I got 75 instead of 50, 
blood flows slows, I can't breathe, 
I'm fighting as they grab another needle to stick me, 
fix me, mix me, somebody tricked me, 
I'm falling to quickly 
I don't want to be pictured the way they depict me 
so many words in me, you rather offend me. 
Mind engaged, writing so fast, I turn the pages quickly. 
Words just hit me, blood stream tampered with, 
this is what's left, decision on a coin flip 
was it the lyrical content 
that doesn't add up to a cent 
to measure with? 
The degree of what I'm fighting with 
thinking against all of it 
when I said it I meant it 100% is the percentage 
leveled off with vengence garden of turbulence, 
I was born in this............ BORN TO DO THIS!

Lithium by Scrappy

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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