Tru Luv

by Coostic

Your eyes, at one time was my hope,
Your smile, at one time was my joy,
Your hands, at one time was my comfort,
And your presence, at one time was inspiration
But as time goes; we grow
Like leaves from a tree
Sprouting to be 
Our own living dream
Our very own tree
And when we came to the fork 
My hope, my joy, my comfort, and my inspiration went right 
And as my heart fell
My eyes sang a song of sorrow
Just wishing to see you tomorrow
And my wanting wasnít 
Compensating with my needing
My needing to survive
My needing to continue my motions to the left
And as I began to walk this new journey
My eyes were flowing as if I was a great river
The tears pedaling down my cheek
 Causing my vision to become weak
But I was able to see through the bushes 
To my right and I could see you
You, the person I wanted near me
The person I wanted to be with
And I wondered if you could see me
But you never looked 
So I moved straight 
I moved on my own road
Thoughts of you came and went 
Until my road finally quit
My aspiration brought me to
A portion of the road that looked fairly new
As soon as I stepped 
My legs collapsed 
And my emotions fell through 
Upon the return to my feet 
I felt a presence that smelled so sweet
A presence that brought back to me
An inspirational sense 
That had become so bleak 
The presence touch me 
Thus, with that touch 
A sense of warmth
Ran through my chest
That caused a profound remembrance
Mentally, spiritually, and passionately
And as I turned 
I saw two things 
That was dear to me
My Joy and My Hope;
Just when Iím at the end of my rope
Our souls reconnected
Our lives together was resurrected 

Tru Luv by Coostic

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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