by Coostic

We are searching for answers in life. Searching for a commitment with love. Searching for true love, hoping it will jump out and smack us in the face. It would be so easy if what we wanted just stood right beside us. But it doesn't work like that. When the cookie crumbles, it may fall and hit the floor then scatter across the room leaving you to find the pieces and put it back together. But the thing I've learned is that some find all the pieces early while others find the pieces late and there are a few who gives-up and leave them lost. The search won't be over until you figure out where to find the pieces to finish the puzzle. And as you grow old you gain your pieces and begin to understand what the answers may be. Life's quest; you only get one........ one beginning, and one ending. Just hope it comes out the way you dreamed. Because we are what we are, and we choose the paths we walk. So don't complain about your mistakes just figure out how to fix what you broke.

Searching by Coostic

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