Missin U

by Coostic

Memories of you are faint 
And the only time you cross my mind
Is when I pick up a drank

The brandy rekindles the memories
As if you and me 
Were still together drinking Hennessey

It had me remembering the purest of things
Your beautiful mind
And the way your speech melted me like ice cream

The dreams that we dreamed
Was nothing but hopes and promise
But they came true cause we prayed like our mommas

But as the thoughts came back 
It started showing the tribulations
That we went through

The pain that we put on each other 
The lies we told
Nearly had me living at home with my brother

But we worked the kinks out
Patched up the holes in the walls
And made up til we passed out

Tears started to pour
Because I wanted you even more
Wishing for you to just walk through that door

I know drinking doesnít help 
But thatís my counseling
It keeps me from losing myself

I wish I could bring you back
Because the bullet
Should have pierced my neck

I should have given up the money
But I thought I could handle
Taking him down and sending him home running

I remembered what my momma told me
That money would change my life
Never thought it would destroy me

All I can ask is, for you to watch over me
And to save me a seat
So Iím with you for an eternity.

Love you, Me

Missin U by Coostic

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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