by Coostic

Damn! When we gone wake up
And stop desecrating ourselves
Stop shootin up bullets or needles
And finally utilize our brain cells
Damn! When are we gone figure out
That it ain't good to let the young ones
Hang out on the block
Watchin they're folks
Sell they folks that crack rock
Damn! When are we gone see
See the future
That same future
That Dr. King and Mr. X had dreamed of seeing
Damn man Damn!
It's a bad situation
Going on round here
And the worst part is
We so far in the clouds
We don't know what the situation is
So picture people praying profoundly,
Providing powerful positions,
Potentially pushing politicians packing 
Picture prosperity penetrating predators
Paralyzing politicians preying on poor people
Picture poor people providing poetry
Poetry providing power
Power placing pressure
Pressure potentially pierces pipes
And at the end of this picture
My poor people
Provides knowledge
Just to place fear in the hearts of the powerful
But once again I say Damn
Damn! We're so far in the clouds
The only thing we picture
Is philly blunts, glass pipes, or a piercing needles
That's the picture in our eyes

Damn! by Coostic

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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