Black Ones

by Coostic

Misinterpreted the black ones are
But lost at the same time
Too busy hanging with the stars,
Comets, and ka-way-zars
Living in the Milky Way
That galaxy that seems so far away
But lets take it back
Back to the beatings, the lynchings
And getting dragged by the trucks
The misinformation
That caused this misinterpretation

The reasons that has caused
The black ones
To act this way
The unseen stories 
Are now coming to the light
These are the ones who are scared of the fight
The ones before them
Yes them too
Were scared of the fight
And those were the ones 
who raised these
Fearful children......Right
The unseen story is that
We have now 
Lost the will, the might
Because they giveaway checks
Put us in cheap houses
And in return we lose self respect;
The brain thinks we need this help
So we keep taking these checks
Not realizing that all we are doing 
is losing our-selves
Pitiful black ones
Who feel all they need
Is a loaded handgun
A couple of dollars
With a phat azz ride
And a sweet little darlin on they side
It funny, we sell each other death
then sit around all day
And count the wealth 
All that, stand up for each other
Is damnear out the window
We too busy being thugs and smoking kin folk
Our life has become simply
No need to fight for freedom
Or march for our children's rights
Because we think we're free
When all it is 
Is a new form of slavery 
Welcome to America 
Where blacks kill blacks
And whites help with that shit
Misinterpreted the black ones are
But lost at the same time
We got the brain for knowledge
But we're just too busy
Chasing the skies

Black Ones by Coostic

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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