by Coostic

My ambition in life 
Is to at least touch one soul 
One soul before my soul reaches its demise
Before this worlds end has began
Before they publicly announce that they caught Ole Bin
Just hoping to grab grips 
To whats been missing 
Since the X was erased 
And the Panther chased, into the cage 
Just hoping to give a boost or
A new stage
To grow and understand
The way of this land 
Not for self indulgence 
Just to help give an abundance 
Of knowledge
For those who canít see where they stand
Canít come to grips 
With their fellow man
Who cantí figure out lifeís plans
Who canít seem to understand 
The principles of growing a tree upon this abysmal land
Because itís been misinterpret 
Into the question of 
What am I growing to be
Whats my final destination going see
Why should I grow or better yet
Why should I even exist to represent me
So now lost without a pot to piss in
The ambition of this abyss minded man
Is to bring those fears 
That certain epitomes have deposit tears over, 
Into the light;
We canít hold on to lost memories
Lost memories that, flood the soul
The same as the story of Noah in the old 
Too long for one tree to grow 
Memories that cloud the brain 
And forces us to restrain 
From the truth and walk into 
Subliminal darkness;
My aspiration is just to draw
Draw a picture to the blind
Just for them to see
To write a song 
A song for the family shy bird to sing
For the shy bird to sing for those who are deaf
Just so they can hear
To rebuild this foundation that we stand on
This foundation that we help establish
This foundation that in my heart of heart 
I feel has blemished 
And with that my testament in time 
Is to change certain aspects of this world
To manifest it as pearl 
Pure, shiny and real
To become true to what I feel
And to understand that who you are is real
Thatís my ambition 
Thatís what I dream at night
Right before my eyes peel 

Ambition by Coostic

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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