by Saucey

Music, a gift full of life, erasing away the mundane,
lifts our spirit, keeps us sane, releases poetry.

Music causes one to reminisce, places us in a romantic
scene, nail biting horror or drama, laughter of comedy.

Music lightens the atmosphere, creates mood, ushers
in God's presence, remember, "Take me to the King?"

A joyful noise is in order, music gives the soul flight
it's life to the weary, opens the mind; inspirational.

Music can soothe like a cup of tea, let freedom ring,
an anthem I sing to the beat of rage against injustice.

Rock a baby to sleep with a lullaby, non-stop Techno,
entertainment, seriously unchained melodies; catchy.

Music can be frosty like an ice cold beer at a game,
I cheer, Hip Hop drops it, thugs and harmony clashing.

Digging in your ear with Funk, stick out my pinkie with
Classical, and all that Jazz with pizazz, I dance.

R&B, keeps baby making sexy, Pop will set it off with
an amazement, Rock out forever, feel the rhythm.

Country or Blues, stories in song, can we all get
along? Passionate praise, powerful potency of Gospel.

Big ups to all genres of music that fill in our days,
to the ones who contribute rhythmically, authentically.

Music has the power to connect us, mold us into unity
causing our tomorrows to be bearable, pleasurable.

I love music.  Let it play.

Music by Saucey

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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