Rose from the Concrete

by Saucey

Can you believe that I am here I've been here in this hood
filled with gravel and stones.

I sprouted up anyway just so I can say I've made it in spite
of it all.

Springing up through all of the gray I am making my presence
known.  With a beautiful fragrance filling the air that  lingers
in your nose.

A majestic red rose who was not suppose to survive , but yet 
I thrive.

Can you see me, a single plant? Birth out of hardness it don't 
affect my ability to be a rose.

I am what I am therefore continue to stare while I stand out
in a class all my own.

Phenomenally I'll be with roots you can not see concrete as my 
bed but yet I go ahead living miraculously.

We won't discuss the heat the trample of people's feet, as they
step on me I continue to be.

I rise with elegance swagger but delicate a magnificent flower
from the streets.

Unique I know behold this rose stretching from the concrete floor.

I may be amongst hell I keep looking towards the air knowing
that it is all good it must be understood my environment don't define
who I am.

Rose from the Concrete by Saucey

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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