Chosen One

by Saucey

Street life, flashy I suppose
a life I had been exposed
the life that I have chose
dodging penitentiary woes. 

Gun protects my mail
in the kitchen there's my scale
cocaine packaged for sale
I must avoid going to jail.

Making money fast
thinking it will last
dangerously living fast
no credit or debit, just cash.

Hustling is what I know
jewelry, cars and foes
scheming on the go
counting all my dough.

An urban entrepreneur
conducting business true
champagne is what I pour
celebrating profitable rule.

Thrills and chills
made in public places
drugs hidden in crazy spaces
loving this life, amazing.

Constantly receiving calls
on top of it all
they want substantial hauls
so I mix the cut with raw.

Then one night different from all 
other nights the Lord appear to me
in a club, introducing Himself and 
told me that His love for me
is from above.

Jesus stated, "there's no condemnation"
I'm thinking He has the wrong soul.
I began to tell Him, I'm really not worthy
giving Him my list on sin's row.

What an awesome experience my hard 
heart melts.
His love for me is forever
something I have never felt.

Someone I will never forget.
Someone I could not resist.
Someone I could see,
He loves me, He chose me.

Chosen One by Saucey

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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