by Sasha

Who told you...
That you couldn't succeed
That you had to wait for permission to be great
That you must give kudos to next person and not yourself first
That your talent needed to be discovered
Who told you...
That your beauty wasn't displayed on your outer skin
That your voice isn't as light and tranquil as that lady's
That your eyes don't catch the sunlight and sparkle
That your thick hourglass shape doesn't compare to the plus size magazine model
Who told you...
That your education can't compete with the pool of degrees for this job
That you couldn't raise those boys into men
That you should have just killed yourself years ago
That you will be lonely for the rest of your life
That you are wasting your time holding onto “that” promise
Who told you...
That your wit is too dry
That your book isn't good enough to be on the same shelf as more seasoned writers
That you would not make it out the gate with this project
Who told you...
That you were naked

Who by Sasha

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