The Ugly Side of Beauty


Growing up as the “Fat” kid, I often use to wonder, why me Lord? All of my siblings were slim and trim……again I ask why me Lord? I constantly pondered about shape and size and its connection with beauty. I was a thinker as a little kid. Fat is BAD, Fat =UGLY that is what they had me thinking…we all know who THEY are. Didn’t even come out of the womb in freedom. My legs were shackled by ignorance and stupidity before I could even speak.

The funny thing is not a lot changes as you get older. Perception grows more, but if it’s by false standards and views then what really do you perceive? If you are molded and shaped by lies, you will give birth to such. Beauty really what is it?

The definition of beauty from this world’s standpoint is faulty. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out…..hmm maybe it does. Well where does God fit in this scheme of things? We are made in His image right….who are we to say that we are not beautiful based on our own imperfect opinions and ideas? Shame on you…shame on me, shame on US. We get so caught up in ourselves and others that we forget what really matters. Trust and believe that when HE looks at us he’s not looking for that, size 2, perfect nose, coca-cola bottle shape. He looks for that which makes us beautiful…..our heart. Doesn’t matter if you look like Beyonce, Brad, Halle, or Denzel…..if you have an ugly heart you’re an ugly person.

External good looks matched by inner beauty? What a site to behold. External good looks not matched by inner beauty, can leave you with an inflated perception of yourself, which makes you a PRETTY UGLY PERSON. Well then what is ugly? You see nothing positive comes from being ugly. I asked a few people what constitutes an ugly heart, some of the responses that I got were; uncaring, lack of faith, selfish, hate, cruel, no regard to the feelings of others, repulsive, ruthless……and the list goes on. That little four letter word packs a mighty venomous punch…..and you can see that the definition means much more than just physically unattractive…who knew? There isn’t enough make-up, diamonds, pearls, sugar, and whipped cream, on this planet to cover up all of that negativity. It amazes me how people try to put on airs, and play make-believe, like what’s really real will not be manifested. The truth always comes out one way or the other…please believe it..

Society..Society..Our oh so sad society. It’s pitiful really. If one was to go by what is seen on TV and in the magazines and everything in between, they will be warped into thinking that the celebs are truly living it up. NOT. Money can buy face lifts, tummy tucks, breast implants, botox....too sum it all up: money can buy physical beauty, but true inner beauty, it cannot. Is how a person looks really so important that he or she must sacrifice mental and physical well-being to obtain the “ideal image”. NO, Period...Point...Blank.

Eve who was most likely the most beautiful women who ever lived, really overdid herself and proved that physical beauty alone is worthless in the long run unless it is accompanied by other qualities. Kudos to Eve for making that a fact. Forget Eve, or Adam for that matter let’s look at our Maker as the prime example for us to follow. God is Love! The very essence of love! That thought alone is awe inspiring. The fruitages of the spirit are; love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faith, mildness, self-control. Only by developing and cultivating these beautiful qualities will we achieve that inner beauty, which in turn grants us that personal happiness that is priceless!

After all is said and done. Those shackles of ignorance and stupidity are long gone. It may be a bit overused, but so what…The truth has set me free. Now entering my quarter-life crisis, I am most definitely learning a lot about myself…and I do not assume to know everything. I do know one thing though…like Whitney said; learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all. Indeed it is.

The Ugly Side of Beauty by I_B_WHO_I_IS

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