Stay Positive- Be NEGATIVE


Beautiful caramel complexion
Perfection in her reflection
Hair deep and wavy like the Nile
And how could you resist that smile?
Coca-cola bottle ainít got nuthin on her
You fake like you donít
But you wish you were like her
Red carpet just kinda spread out under her feet
Who said beauty was only skin deep?
Men eating out of the palm of her hands
Feet scattering with every command
Nose high up in the air
If it ainít about her she donít care
She prided herself on every man that she had
Was even called a ho, but that didnít make her mad
She rarely used protection
She was clean, never had an infection
You see sex was her addiction
All she wanted was attention
Every other night a different man
One in particular who Iíd like to mention
He was the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome
Women could not resist, the chocolateyness of his skin
For a man to look this good it had to be a sin
He was about 6í4, with locs that came half-way down his back
In no ways did this man lack
He made you feel so proud to be black!
Yea she had sex with him too
But how was she to know
He seemed very heterosexual
But he was one of those men on the down low
Now she definitely had to be tested
After all he could have given her something 
From one of them gay dudes he messed with
All of her tests came back negative
But she still had one more left
She just knew it would be ok
You would think it would seem that way
But to her dismay
The last test came back positive
Thatís right, she had full blown AIDS
She couldnít believe it! 
She was in denial of the truth
She thought the doctor was just playing games
She wanted to see some proof
On white paper with black words it stated her future
Which was positive with AIDS
But what was she to do?
She still couldnít believe it was true
Guess all STDís are not one in the same
First she thought AIDS was just a word
But now it bears her name
In life we have choices, some big, some small
And the consequences you will reap
Good or bad you have made up your mind
And now itís yours to keepÖ

Stay Positive- Be NEGATIVE by I_B_WHO_I_IS

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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